AFJP Farmers Lament over FG Fertilizer subsidy Grant Payment Delay


Fmardpace AFJP Famers latest new - AFJP Famers lament over delay in payment of FG Fertilizer subsidy grant following the notification afjp farmers received from Fmardpace a week ago to link their BVN to their bank account number before Wednesday 7th of July 2021. That the payment processing for the first batch of the Fertilizer Subsidy Grant to qualified AFJP farmers has commenced. How To Apply For AFJP Farmers FG Fertilizer Subsidy Grant

However, today is Saturday 17th July 2021 and according to comments we see from most of the registered AFJP Famers, payments have not been made yet. Soon the wet season farming will be over and the need the grant now.

One of the prospective beneficiaries of the FG Fertilizer subsidy fund stated that you people already described that the payments of Farmers has commenced but up to now there is no single farmer that bears witnesses of any alert from you. And you are always sending phone numbers to contact you. Why? What is our problem with your phone numbers? just disbursed funds to each and every beneficiary. That's all. Here are the Fmardpace AFJP Farmers And Enumerators Call Centre Numbers

Another afjp farmer said but what could be delaying the fertilizer subsidy grant disbursement to farmers’ accounts? At least keep us in the know. Good morning.

The Fertilizer Subsidy Grant is an initiative of President Muhammadu Buhari Administration to support the Small Holder, Vulnerable Farmers, in the country to increase productivity and FG Approved Fertilizer Subsidy Grant For 1st Batch AFJP Farmers

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  1. What could be the cost of delayed since i got the massage of disbursement? We have no other time than now, my crops are due for fertilised and anytime from now there will be nothing to do about it because i totally depend on fgn as its initiative of the sofsiddy. I beg the federal government to understand our plight.

  2. Yes what could be delaying our dearly beloved country.

  3. The delay for disbursement is getting to two month now when do u want us to apply the fertilizer on our crops?.Fg should act fast we have only this month ooo


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