Fmardpace AFJP Farmers And Enumerators Call Centre Numbers 


For those of you Fmardpace AFJP farmers and Enumerators asking for Call Centre Numbers to make inquiries from Fmardpace officials regarding issues relating to FG Fertilizer subsidy fund payment date and other related issues, we are happy to tell you that you can now reach the Fmardpace call center agents via the numbers below. They are waiting to hear from you.

Fmardpace AFJP Farmers And Enumerators Call Centre Numbers:

  1. 07018427901
  2. 07026853439
  3. 07026620494
  4. 07041954990
  5. 09085287663
  6. 09085287661
  7. 08026632956
  8. 09071297635
  9. 09085287660

Call now if your a registered or prospective AFJP farmer or Enumerator to make your inquiries.

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  1. That's a good one. We hope for a better tomorrow

  2. According to the report, it was statement that the payment would start last week but till date we haven't seen anything......please what is the latest so that we know how to plan?

  3. When precisely the payment will take off? So that we should be able to plan.

  4. Enter your comment...we need alert no any other but alert

  5. Why are they delaying the payment, this is wet season


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