Marriage Bride Price Only Arose If The Girl Is A Virgin - Reno Quotes Scripture


According to Reno Omokri, The issue of bride price in marriage issues should only arise if the girl is a virgin. He stated this in a post he shared on his Facebook page while advising his followers to marry according to scripture. See details below!

Reno Wrote:

MARRIAGE according to The Scripture

Step 1: Man courts Woman

Step 2: Man proposes marriage to Woman

Step 3: Woman accepts the proposal

Step 4: They both tell their parents

Step 5: They have a feast (optional, not mandatory)

Step 6: They start living together as man and wife. End of the process!

He said the issue of bride price only arose IF the girl is a virgin. Please don’t be angry with me. It is not my opinion. Please read Exodus 22:16 17.

Every other thing, including CHURCH and REGISTRY, is MAN-MADE! No pastor or church is involved! Marriages and weddings are exclusive family affairs (Genesis 2:24, Genesis 24:67). All the government really does is register your family's decision. He added!

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