Npower To Nexit Applicants - Preparation Is In Top Gear

In today's latest Npower news - Nexit News - Npower reacted to a question a prospective Nexit beneficiary asked stating that applicants of the Nexit Scheme are not forgotten. See the conversation between the Npower team and the Nexit applicant below:

The Prospective Nexit applicant asked! So Npower has forgotten Batch A & B for the exit package, all the promises are big lies, God will judge you.

And Npower responded as follows: You are not forgotten, preparation is in top gear and you will soon hear from us. Please stay tuned.


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A few months ago the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs in partnership with CBN launched Empowerment opportunities for the exited Npower batches A and B to access their exit package but nothing has been said since the closure of the application portal regarding the Commencement Date for the Programme.

Nevertheless, this response from Npower will actually serve as an encouragement to the exited Npower volunteers to keep Hope alive.

Let hope for the best!!!

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