Why Delay In Npower And Nexit May Not Be Political


Npower news - The delay in the commencement of both the Npower batch C Programme and Nexit Scheme for the Exited batches A and B has been the most talk about issue bothering the prospective beneficiaries of these schemes. Some have even said that the delay is politically motivated. That the government is delaying the implementation of the Programmes because of the 2023 elections.

In view of the above, we decided to create this post to share our opinion regarding the matter. So read on!

The delay in the commencement of the Npower batch C and Nexit Programme may not be politically motivated because of the following reasons:

1) The delay might be due to a lack available of funds. They have earlier stated that they are sourcing for Funds to implement the Nexit Programme, it might also be the case of batch C.

2) Delaying the Programme to 2023 because of the election does not really make sense because they can as well engage the Beneficiaries now and still can engage another batch by 2023. This might even serve as an advantage to them because they have both existing beneficiaries and exited beneficiaries to support them if that is the plan.

3) The responsibility of any government is to serve the citizens, provide a conducive environment and opportunities for the citizens to be productive. So no reasonable government will just want to keep their vibrant youthful population stagnant. And the fact is that Investing In Npower Batches ABC Volunteers - Best Way To Expand Opportunities In Nigeria

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