Submission Of Unbanked AFJP Farmers Account Number Still Ongoing - Fmardpace


Submission Of Unbanked AFJP Farmers Account Number Still Going On - Fmardpace has given a new update on How Unbanked registered AFJP Farmers Can Submit their Bank Account Number To Fmardpace regarding the FG Fertilizer subsidy Grant opportunity.

According to Fmardpace, the Collation of bank details for the Fertilizer Subsidy Grant is still ongoing. They encourage unbanked farmers to get an account and provide their bank account number and bank name to assigned enumerators. You may want to also check How To Apply For AFJP Farmers FG Fertilizer Subsidy Grant

You can contact the Enumerator that registered you for the AFJP programme for bank account number submission if you did not submit that during the registration period.

As a registered AFJP farmer, you will have the opportunity to benefit from some of the AFJP support from the federal government. Recently the federal government approved the fertilizer subsidy Grant to support AFJP farmers acquire fertilizer for wet season farming. This may also interest you AFJP Farmers Lament over FG Fertilizer subsidy Grant Payment Delay

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