Beware Of Fake Npower Batch C2 List Circulating Online

Beware Of Fake Npower Batch C2 List Circulating Online - We noticed that some individuals are circulating a fake Npower batch C stream 2 shortlisted names on social media so we decided to create this post to keep you informed on the need to stay protected from scammers. Check the image below for the fake message.


Npower Batch C Stream 2 News

Npower is currently attending to batch C stream 1 and as such, they have not released any list regarding stream 2 yet. So beware!

According to Npower, stream 2 beneficiaries should Kindly be patient so that they can be done with stream one. And In due time, stream 2 will be informed.

So, therefore, Npower stream 2 volunteers should Look forward to more updates via the nasims self-service portal. stay tuned.

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You can also reach the Npower support team via these numbers 018888148, 092203102, should in case you want to make inquiries.

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