Npower Nexit Training - How To Know If You Are Selected


In today's latest Npower news - We will be discussing Npower Nexit Training as part of the question that you have been asking since the Minister of humanitarian affairs release a statement about the Nexit programme training of the Npower batches A and B exited beneficiaries. So read on.

What is Nexit Training?

Nexit Training is a sort of entrepreneurship training that Exited Npower Volunteers will undergo to equip them with skills needed to manage or run a successful business. This training could be online or physical.

The Nexit Scheme Applicants have passed through the first stage of Nexit which is indicating interest by registering on the Nexit portal to participate in the FG empowerment opportunities for the Exited Npower Volunteers. Read also Why You Should Start A Business Before Nexit Loan Disbursement

The second stage of the nexit scheme exercise is the training of applicants fellow by the disbursement of starter Packages to the beneficiaries which is the third stage.

According to the Minister, out of the 500,000 exited N Power beneficiaries, about 390,000 of them have successfully been accommodated into the NEXIT programme while about 109,000 are already on their way to entrepreneurship on their own even before we started the NEXIT.

How To Know If You Are Selected For Npower Nexit Training

To know if you have been selected for the Nexit training when due, the following will happen:

1. You must have been among the registered Exited Npower Volunteers on Nexit Programme.

2. You will be informed via your Nexit registered email of your selection to participate in the next training.

3. The Nexit portal which is currently closed might probably be reopened for selected applicants to accept their selection and to probably update some records like bank account details.

NEXIT is an exit package for all the Exited beneficiaries of the N-Power in partnership with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to enable them to benefit from the CBN empowerment options. FG is working with the CBN to support the beneficiaries with soft loans - Nexit loans. Read also Template To Help You Write Business Plan For NYIF Loan And Others

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