Npower batch C1 Laments Over New Changes In PPA


Npower New Changes in PPA

Batch C1 Volunteers Laments Over New Change In PPA as they are about to resume on the 4th of October 2021.

The newly engaged N-Power Volunteers are not having it funny at all as a result of a new twist in their posting. Some of them who were earlier posted to a place of primary assignment later found out after physical verification that their posting has been changed to a new place via the nasims portal dashboard.

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Npower batch C1 Laments Over New Twist In PPA

Below are some of the volunteers' complaints:

  1. Charger Azare said Pls how can I do I was posted to some village called Ramin Kura before physical verification and now I checked my dashboard I saw shafori primary.
  2. Edujie Uwaifo Peter said please after uploading my PPA letter successfully, I saw a new place of deployment in my PPA, it has changed, does that mean I have been redeployed? no insult, please?

There are many such complaints out there and we hope that Soon, Npower should make a statement addressing this situation to avoid confusion.

Meanwhile, if you are one of those who noticed these changes without applying for redeployment, you can kindly contact the nasims support team via the self-service portal.

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  1. Good morning,
    I have probleming and I need help.
    I'm have problem with my posting, it's showing me verify account number and when I do, it keep saying BVN THOSE NOT MATCH DATE OF BIRTH" and I've corrected it from my bank over 3 weeks ago, this is the affected account: [email protected].
    Please need help.


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