Npower Deployment - The Infect Of Late PPA Enrollment


In today's latest Npower news - We will be discussing the infect of late enrollment by a Npower Volunteer to his or her Place of Primary Assignment PPA after deployment. This is very important for all deployed Npower Batch C beneficiaries because it will help you to know how to avoid disqualification and late payment of stipends. So read on! Read also Npower Set Date For Batch C Physical Verification

What we meant by late PPA enrollment is simply a situation whereby a deployed Npower beneficiaries refused to complete his or her deployment process on time. The deployment process of a Npower Volunteer starts from physical verification, the printing of deployment letter, reporting at PPA for acceptance letter signing by personnel at your PPA, and finally uploading your signed acceptance letter on the nasims portal dashboard. All these are the process that complete the deployment process.

There are however a negative infect should a volunteer refuse to meet up with this exercise. The infect are as followed:

Npower Deployment - The Infect Of Late PPA Enrollment

1. Failure for a Npower Volunteer to meet up with completion of deployment exercise at the stipulated period of the exercise may lead to incomplete stipends payment. That is, a volunteer may likely begin to get an allowance base on the month of enrollment. If your month of enrollment is October 2021, your stipends will likely begin in that month.

2. Failure to complete your enrollment exercise can lead to disqualification. You might be replaced because many other applicants are waiting on the list so endeavor to complete your deployment exercise.

This analysis was based on what the previous Batches went through during their enrollment exercise. Since the batch C Programme has new management, they might handle the enrollment exercise differently though. So as a Npower batch C beneficiary, make sure you follow the deployment exercise to the letter to avoid any of the listed things above. Read also Common Npower Batch C Deployment Issues And Solutions

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