Common Npower Batch C Deployment Issues And Solutions


Npower News - In our post today, we will be discussing some Common Npower Batch C Deployment Issues And Solutions so read on.

Based on the questions that some of you the Npower batch C Volunteers have been asking in some of your discussion groups, we have decided to create this post to address some of the questions that you have asked so kindly check below for answers to questions you have asked.

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1. I Did biometrics but yet to be deployed is there still hope?
Answer: Yes! Deployment is still ongoing

2. Why is my deployment letter not downloading?
Answer: You might be experiencing difficulty in downloading your deployment letter because of the massive traffic on the portal. Keep trying and make sure you use a strong browser and network connection.

3. What is the difference between the Npower acceptance letter and the deployment letter?
Answer: Npower Deployment letter is the letter required by all deployed Npower beneficiaries to print from the nasims portal dashboard signifying their PPA posting while the Npower acceptance letter is the accepted and signed copy of the deployment letter by a Volunteers PPA supervisor.

4. When is Npower physical verification exercise commencing?
Answer: Npower batch C Physical Verification date is 10th September 2021.

5. How do I check my physical verification location?
Answer: visit the deployment page on your nasims portal dashboard and click download deployment letter.

6. Can a Npower beneficiary redeploy from one State to Another?
Answer: it is possible but you have to contact your state focal person or contact the Npower support team via the self-service portal.

7. Can a Npower beneficiary change PPA?
Answer: yes a Npower beneficiary can apply for redeployment if rejected from his first PPA Open here to see How To Apply For Npower Redeployment

8. How can a Npower beneficiary redeploy from one PPA to another?
Answer: by uploading rejected deployment letter and apply for redeployment via the nasims portal dashboard. Open the link in line 7 to read the details.

9. What do I do if the program I selected is not available in my location?
Answer: Normally if the program you selected is not available in your location, you will be asked to select a new program via the nasims portal dashboard.

10. What is the solution to login errors?
Answer: use a strong network connection or an opera mini browser.

11. Is there still hope for Npower stream 2?
Answer: Yes there is still hope.

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12. When will stipends payment for Npower batch C commenced?
Answer: When the deployment exercise is completed probably by September/October 2021.

13. Between Physical Verification and acceptance letter signing and upload which comes first?
Answer: Physical Verification. However, if you have done the acceptance letter upload no problem.

14. How much is Npower beneficiaries' monthly allowance?
Answer: N30.000 for graduates and N10.000 for non-graduate

15. What is Npower PPA?
Answer: Npower PPA is the Place of Primary Assignment where a Npower volunteer is posted to serve.

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  1. For how long we Npower batch c spend, a year or two years

  2. How many years will Npower batch c we spend

  3. I'm not been deployed can I attend physical verification ❓

  4. How can i locate PPA were by only names are subjected

  5. Pls I have done my physical verification but could not download my PPA letter and updating my bank details. After much trying to download PPA letter. It will show date of birth does not match bvn. I HV gone to bank to correct the mistake yet I am still getting the error message. Pls what con I do

  6. I have done my physical verification but it still showing me pending what will I do


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