Things You Must Do While Serving As Npower Volunteer


The Npower Programme is not a permanent job, it an Empowerment Programme meant to train, engage the youth to acquire the necessary skills to be employable or become an entrepreneur. In other words, beneficiaries are selected to acquire the work experience needed to help them to become employers or employees.

As such, you must not relent in your quest in becoming self-reliant by sourcing for other information that can open opportunities doors for you while serving as a Npower Volunteer. You may also want to check PPA Where Npower Batch C Volunteers Will Be Deployed To

While you remain focused at the place of your primary assignment, you should not stop applying for other jobs in your spare time within the one-year period that you will be serving as Npower Volunteers. You should be able to do that smartly to avoid absconding from work.

I can vividly remember a live chat between one of the Npower bosses and the Npower batch A and B Volunteers in 2019, where he encourages the Npower Volunteers to take time out of their busy schedule to attend job interviews but should make sure that doing that should not put them into a problem at their PPA. Listing to the Audio chat below:

He said as an NPower volunteer, you should Tour the part of personal development beyond Npower or government jobs and create an account in LinkedIn and include Npower in your profile to Network, connect with industry professionals.

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