What Can Lead To A Npower Volunteer Disengagement After Deployment


In today's latest Npower news - We will be discussing What Can Lead To A Npower Volunteer Disengagement After Deployment. So sit back relax and read on!

When I look at how excited the batch c N-Power Shortlisted applicants are for the opportunity given to participate in the Npower Programme, I feel their joy because I was once in that situation. For a volunteer to be selected out of thousands that applied for the Programme is a thing of joy looking at from the angle of the unemployment situation in the country.

However, it will be very painful if you lose what you actually work hard for, that is why you must take this Programme serious after deployment. You should learn the Five Ways To Let Npower Programme Pass Through You and must avoid anything that can lead to your disengagement.

From what we know, Npower Volunteers who always abscond from going to their place of primary assignment regularly and always failed to turn out for clearance can be disengaged from the programme if reported to the Npower management team for misconduct by the PPA head

So to Avoid been disengage from the Programme after deployment, you must work smartly. Do not allow yourself to be exposed for absconding from work and you must also avoid missing clearance. You may want to also read Breaking News - NPower Batch C1 List Sent To 36 States FP For Deployment

The batch c volunteers should endeavour to learn from past mistakes of some of the batch A and B that lead to their disengagement.p>

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