PPA Where Npower Batch C Volunteers Will Be Deployed To


In today's latest Npower news - we will be sharing more light on the places of Primary Assignment (PPA) Where Npower Batch C Volunteers Will Be Deployed To. So read on!

In accordance with the settings of the Npower Programme, Npower Volunteers are normally sent to primary and secondary schools, medical centers, and farming areas near their local government addresses as their PPA. So we believe the Npower batch C beneficiaries will be sent to These places to serve except if there are changes in the program.

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Below is a detailed breakdown of Npower PPA deployment:

1) N-Teach - Those in Npower Teach will be sent to Primary and Secondary Schools in their local government areas and will be under State Education Department.

2) N-Health - Those in Npower Health will be sent to Government Health centers in their local governments, under state health officials.

3) N-Ageo - As a Npower Agro beneficiary, you will be sent to the agricultural ministry in your local governments, under the state Agriculture Development Agency.

4) Other Npower small groups in the non-graduate category like N-tech, N-Creative, etc. They will be engaged, trained on different skills as applicable for 3 - 6. months. And will be paid N10, 000 as their monthly allowance, etc.

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The intention of sending Npower applicants to do physical verification in their LGA of residence is to ascertain the qualified Applicants to be deployed to their PPA.

After physical verification, letters will be presented to those who succeed, and the information given to NASIMS through the state NSIP offices.

The Successfully deployed Npower batch C beneficiaries may be asked to upload their deployment letter signed by the head of the PPA where they are deployed to on their Nasims portal profile.

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  1. We went to our Residential local secretarial for physical verification only tocfind out that our names were not sent to the secretary!! And is only 2days today for the exercise to be closed. Please what is the problem?

    1. Be patient, date may be extended

  2. Why is my deployment status showing no PPA nearest to my LGA, what to please


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