Npower Physical Verification News - Why You Must Remain Calm


Following the earlier Breaking News - NPower Batch C1 List Sent To 36 States FP For Deployment, we have decided to create this post to ask all Shortlisted Applicants to be calm. There is no need to panic.

Sending a list to Focal personal does not mean that the physical verification will commence immediately. They have to print the list, paste it on LGG, invites Shortlisted applicants to come and check their names on the list and if Shortlisted, the applicants will then proceed for physical verification as planned by the organizers in your state.

You don't need to start rushing to your LGA immediately, wait for an official statement from your state focal person and the Npower management team. Keep your ear on the ground for information, join the Npower discussion group on Facebook if you are not a member yet so that you can get to know when the physical verification begins in your area. The group members have a way of notifying themselves when such a thing Commence. You may want to also check Five Things To Know Before Npower Batch C Deployment

Nevertheless, you should keep your original document uploaded on your Nasims portal handy for physical verification. Below are what you need for the physical verification:

Document You Need For Npower Physical Verification:

1. Education Credentials/Degree

2. NYSC discharge certificate

3. State Origin Certificate (Optional)

4. Print your BVN details (Optional)

5. Passport photograph

6. A valid identity card

7. N-power 2021 online printout with your Reference number.

Congratulations to successful applicants as you begin your journey of self-discovery.

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