How To Become A US Diplomat - US Visa Officer Explained

According to Kevin A. Kavitz Vice Consul of Lagos U.S Consulate General, to become a US Diplomat is a very straightforward process. The standard way to do it is to sign up for the foreign officer test and take the test.

Part of the application process to the test is to submit a number of short answers, essays of 200 or 250 words as well. When you submit the essay, you will take the test and when you pass the test, you will be invited for an oral assessment.

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For detailed information on how to become a US Diplomat, watch the US Visa Officer Explained details in the video below:

Diplomats are the specialists that represent America and U.S. interests abroad to ensure that diplomacy endures. These esteemed representatives of the U.S. are resilient negotiators who promote peace, protect American citizens abroad, and support prosperity.

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