Types of Npower Resignation You Should Know


In today's latest Npower news - we are going to be discussing the type of resignation in the Npower Programme and why it is important that you should know them. So let go straight to the point.

What is Npower Resignation?
Npower Resignation is the process whereby a Npower volunteer dropped off the Npower programme due to one reason or the other which will be covered in this article so read on.

Types of Npower Resignation
There are two types of Npower Resignation which are as follows:

1. Voluntary Resignation

2. Forcefully Resignation

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1) Voluntary Resignation - is the process whereby a Npower volunteer willingly decided to resign from the Npower programme because he or she has gotten a better job offer somewhere and then decided to resign to avoid anything that will affect his records.

How To Resign From Npower Voluntary:
There are 3 Ways to voluntary resign from Npower Programme:

i. You can willingly resign from Npower by writing a letter of resignation to Npower via your state focal person

ii. You can also resign via the Npower volunteers portal by filling a resignation form.

iii. You can reach Npower support team via their contact channels or Nasims self service portal requesting for resignation.

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2) Forcefully Resignation:
Forcefully Resignation is the process where by an Npower volunteers is disengaged from the programme because he or she was reported to have broken Npower rules for instance, absconding from PPA, gainfully employed elsewhere but still benefiting from Npower Programme which is meant for the unemployed.

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