Today's Npower Batch C Questions And Answers Session


Today's Npower Batch C Questions And Answers Session

In today's latest Npower batch C questions and answers, we are glad to inform all the batch C Volunteers experiencing one issue or another to remain calm as Npower instructed that they are finalizing things against 4th October 2021. You may want to also read What To Know About Npower Batch C Volunteers Monthly Clearance

It is no longer new that Npower has asked beneficiaries facing difficulties regarding deployment, PPA redeployment, acceptance letter downloads, upload, and other issues to exercise patient as all is been done to enable beneficiaries to fix their issues regarding Npower batch C stream 1 enrollment. So we decided to put this shot update to inform you about the latest.

Today's Npower Batch C Questions And Answers Session

In response to all the questions that you have been asking regarding the following:

  • Sudden Change of PPA
  •  Deployment letter downloads
  • Acceptance letter upload
  •  Redeployment, etc.

Npower has said that if you have a problem with any of the listed things above, you should try again on October 4th, 2021 as that is the date set for volunteers to commence work. So all beneficiaries' data are currently been updated on the website.

And if you have not done your physical verification, endeavor to do it before the extended date expired on the 30th of October 2021.

If you are posted to a PPA earlier, uploaded your acceptance letter and then you suddenly saw a new posting to another PPA do not panic, check back on the 4th of October for your real posting.

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And if you have done your physical verification and your status is still showing pending, do not panic your status will be updated by October 4th.

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  1. How can someone that is not available in the location for her physical verification do her verification, please

    * Someone that misses this opportunity can the person join another set, please?

  2. Physical verification ends on 30th September not October 30th..kindly correct that.

  3. what about we that we had done the Physical verification since 21st of September till the network is not okay

  4. Pls am trying to download my ppa letter but they saying:date of birth does not mach bvn .how can I solve this issue

  5. I can't download my deployment letter due to error that my date of birth doesn't match with my BVN details. What might be the issue? My details are correct both on my dashboard and BVN.

  6. Pls sir for those of us that redeployed bout status is still showing pending sir how do we cancel the redeployment request.


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