4 Key Things To Note About Npower Monthly Stipends

4 Key Things To Note About Npower Monthly Stipends


In today's latest Npower news - we will be discussing 4 key things to note about Npower monthly stipends. So let get started

What is Npower Stipends?
Npower Stipends is the monthly allowance paid to Npower volunteers for work done. The Npower Stipend is not free money as some of the newly recruited beneficiaries perceived. Some have started demanding their monthly payment even when they have not resumed duty.

Nevertheless, we have decided to create this post to enlighten the newly recruited Npower beneficiaries on what the Npower monthly stipends are paid for.

4 Key Things To Note About Npower Stipends

1. Npower Stipends is paid for work done.

2. Npower Stipends is not a loan or grant it is a monthly allowance for Npower beneficiaries.

3. To receive Npower Stipends a beneficiary must be confirmed that he or she is actively attending his or her PPA and performing his or her duty.

4. An Npower volunteer may not be paid at the end of the month if found skipping monthly clearance.

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So therefore for a beneficiary to be entitled to Npower Stipends payment, he or she must have uploaded a signed PPA acceptance letter on the self-service portal and resumed work at the PPA.

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