Do You Know That VP Osinbajo Was Once In charge Of Npower Programme

Do You Know That VP Osinbajo Was Once In-charge Of Npower Programme - Well if you don't know, now you know. VP Osinbajo was the initiator of the Npower Programme.


In 2016, the Npower Programme which is the biggest youth Empowerment Programme in sub-sahara Africa was created under President Buhari Administration supervised by the Vice president's office.

The new batch of the Npower Programme will not understand what it was then having VP Osinbajo overseeing the affairs of the Npower Programme unless they are told about the history.

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As far as the Npower program is concerned, the previous Batches will agree that to some extent, it has achieved its objective, though base on what is happening currently with the new ministry supervising, some of you may disagree.

Npower Discussion Group has been there since the beginning and will tell that many Nigerians, will want this program to continue even after Buhari leaves office come 2023, especially the vibrant youthful population.

We are all aware that the initiator of this social investment program from which Npower was calved out is the VP.

Nevertheless, there is an ongoing discussion that President Buhari should present Vice president Yemi Osinbajo to Nigerians as the presidential candidate for 2023, a situation that is generating a lot of traction.

As a Youth of Nigeria or a current or ex-Npower Volunteer, you will agree that you will want to see the Npower Programme continue even not for you but for the sake of those who will want to benefit from the program. And having the Vice President the architect of the Npower scheme runs for the highest political post in Nigeria come 2023 will not be a bad idea.

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When you think of all the Social investment programmes such as (Npower, trader money, CCT, HGSFP among others) and other Empowerment programmes and their continuity, think of VP Osinbajo.

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