eNaira Scam Alert - Cybercriminals Deployed Means To Scam Users

eNaira Scam Alert - Cybercriminals Deployed Means To Scam Users


According to NITDA, following the recent launch of eNaira by the Central Bank of Nigeria, Cybercriminals have now deployed means to scam/defraud people through a new frivolous scheme.

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The scheme, which the criminals perpetrate through SMS broadcast with links attached claims that; “Central Bank through the directives of the Finance Minister is disbursing 50Billion enaira currency to Citizens who are willing to register and get the enaira wallet”.

The criminals try to get sensitive information such as NIN and corresponding phone number via the link with the aim to defraud unsuspecting victims. NITDA-CERRT hereby alerts the public to be weary of such schemes and adhere to the followings:

1. Visit only official website of Government agencies to confirm authenticity of any scheme

2. Government schemes / grant applications and information are free. Do not make payment in any form.

3. Be wary of SMS broadcasts, classified ads and fake sites that tout “free grants” and provide a link to click.

4. Do not disclose your personal information and financial details.

5. Avoid clicking unknown links

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For further enquiries and to report an incident, please contact NITDA-CERRT via @ [email protected], +2348178774580 or www.cerrt.ng

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