How To Check Npower Batch C Non-graduate Training Posting


How To Check Npower Batch C Non-graduate Training Posting - Npower has begun training posting of the non-graduate Tech-Software beneficiaries of the Programme following the deployment of the graduate component beneficiaries.

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Successfully selected applicants for the non-graduate, tech category can now check the self-service portal to see their posting.

How To Check Non-graduate Npower Batch C Training Posting

Follow the steps below to check your training posting status:

1. Go to

2. Click on the deployment page to see your training posting status.

If you are posted, your training venue, training track, training main, training life skills, and remuneration details will be displayed.

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However, if you are not yet posted, try to check back again as the posting process is ongoing.

Note that the Npower non-graduate programme remuneration is N10,00 per month.

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  1. Good morning please what is going on from beneficiary to applicant


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