Today's Latest Update For Npower Freshers


Today's Latest Update For Npower Freshers - In today's latest Npower news, we will share with you the response from the Npower team on some of the questions you have asked. So Kindly read through the lines, it might satisfy your curiosity or questions with long-seeking answers.

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Today's Latest Update For Npower Freshers

1. For Npower non-graduate! Please be informed that an update about posting as regards non-graduates will be published soon. Therefore, if you're under the non-graduates category, there is no posting for you now. Please stay tuned. Thank you!

2. There is no official issued process for upgrading academic certificates, as a result, you can't change the certificate you used during registration. This means if you are a graduate, but registered for the NPower program with SSCE, you'll be treated and deployed as non-graduate Beneficiaries.

3. If you downloaded and uploaded your signed PPA letter before the physical verification exercise, and after 4th October 2021, your PPA did not change, then no need to worry over RE-UPLOADING OF PPA LETTER.

4. There is no discrimination or preference as regards to which color your PPA letter is printed with. It could be on black and white or coloured, all are acceptable.

5. If you are successful with your Physical verification and have followed deployment instructions, be rest assured that you will be paid when due.

6. If you are a graduate Beneficiary and you are still not posted after the Successful completion of the physical verification exercise, please be calm and wait for your posting

7. If your Redeployment request is REJECTED, kindly apply again through your dashboard (this is for Redeployment of PPA within Local Government of residence).

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The rumors that have been making round on social media about the effect of Redeployment on monthly stipend has been debunked. All deploying Beneficiaries will receive their monthly pay in due course. Which means, they will receive when others are receiving.

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  1. If the ppa letter change after being downloaded and sign,and you ignore it because of the distance what will happen


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