Answer Our Call Agents For Account Validation - Nasims To Npower Beneficiaries


In today's latest Npower news - Nasims has told the Npower beneficiaries Who are yet to validate their account details to answer their call agents for account Validation.

According to Nasims, the reputation of our contact agents are credibly of unquestionable. We have different platforms where we report different issues. The call center agents are saddled with the responsibility of collecting complaints and we have a department that deals with such complaints.

Meanwhile, we have been calling Beneficiaries who have issue with account validation to obtain their account information so that we can validate and as well pay them, but most of them were skeptical to release the required information (which is very understandable), Nasims said.

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To that effect, our help agent may contact you for your validation, please willingly release the information as requested, or contact us instead through any of our help lines 092203102, 018888340 if your account details are not correct.

If however, our help lines are irresponsive when you call, please keep calling or try back at interval and DO NOT SEND EMAIL.

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  1. I suggest , collecting of information of those that are yet to receive their payment due to one problem or the other should be done in our self nasim portal.


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