What Payroll Means In Npower Volunteers Dashboard

What Payroll Means In Npower Volunteers Dashboard


In today's latest Npower news - we will be discussing What Payroll Means In Npower Volunteers Dashboard. So keep reading.

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Some of the Npower batch C Volunteers who are fully enrolled as beneficiaries and have seen pass on their Nasims profile dashboard has been wondering what the payroll inscription on their dashboard means so we decided to create this post to keep you informed.

What Npower Payroll Means?

Npower payroll is a list of Npower beneficiaries and the record of amount of stipends they are to be paid. Though beneficiaries and applicants dashboard may show payroll inscription, only Beneficiaries will end up getting paid.

As an Npower beneficiary, if your profile status is passed then you are a confirmed Npower beneficiaries qualified for payment. But if your profile is still showing pending then you might have an issue with your physical verification which might withhold your stipends.

Previous, for the Npower batch A and B, the inscription used to be enrolled and payment history, but it has now been changed to passed and payroll for batch c.

The payroll in your profile shows that the management of Npower are now updating your dashboard for payment as they have earlier mentioned in their latest update regarding payment. If you have not seen the update, read it here Nasims Give Reasons Behind Npower Batch C Stipends Payment Delay

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  1. My payroll is showing "no payment data available

  2. Please when next is applicable to apply. By God's Grace i will love to benefit from this Sir/Ma'am

  3. Thanks for the enlightenment concerning the payroll. I want to also appreciate the minister for humanitarian affairs for her quick response to ensure the payment of batch c beneficiaries and also for keeping to her words in regards to the batch A&B N exist package. Thank u ma


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