Npower Batch C Stipends - How To Know When Payment Is Due


Npower Batch C Stipends - How To Know When Payment Is Due - Do you know that as a Npower volunteer, you can be able to sense when you are cleared for Monthly payment? Well if you don't know, we will be showing you how to know when your stipend is due for payment.

The Npower stipends payment go through various process before a volunteer get paid. To know the process involves in Npower stipend payment, kindly read Breakdown Of NPower Monthly Stipends Payment Process By Mr Afolabi

Normally, when a Npower Volunteer is cleared for stipends payment, he or she will be able to see on his or her Npower portal dashboard the updated amount due for payment in that month. That is how the Batches A and B payment process was done.

However, since the batch C has a new management, their payment process might probably be different from the previous Batches.

Nonetheless, which ever way they decide to make the payment, a volunteer will surely see the transaction via the nasims portal dashboard.

The link above shows the breakdown of stipends payment. You may want to also check What To Know About Npower Batch C Volunteers Monthly Clearance

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