Today's latest Nexit Training Date News

Today's latest Nexit Training date News


In today's latest Npower Nexit Training News - We will be discussing about some of the questions you have been asking regarding Nexit training and the exact date fixed for the training.

The fact about the Nexit training is that the training availability confirmation of Shortlisted candidates is still ongoing. Though the training is said to commence February 2022, there is no actual date fixed for the Commencement yet.

The Nexit option is still available on the NSIP service code and Npower batch A and B beneficiaries who are yet to check their status can dial the code *45665# to check their training status.

Currently, the venue for the Nexit training is unknown, it could be a virtual training or physical training. All these are yet to be specified by the management and we hope that by the end of training confirmation, all this will be known.

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For those of you asking about the differences between the Nexit training confirmation pop up message which state: (You have successfully confirmed your availability or Please comfirm you have been shortlisted).

The difference is that the response: Please comfirm you have been shortlisted) is the message you get when you check your training status while the response: You have successfully confirmed your availability is the reply you get when you confirm availability.

Finally, to answer your question regarding what is next after Nexit training confirmation, I like to say the next thing is to wait patiently for further instructions from Nexit management.

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  1. The code can not go through glo line, if there is any solution towards that it can help.

  2. A code was send to me to check my availability but could not because of bad network. Please help

  3. Please what about those that are yet to be shortlisted, don't it mean they are not qualified.

  4. A code was sent to me to send back to airtel network that I used, but they haven't sent me response please help make we no suffer for nothing


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