Qualifications Of Getting CBN Nexit Entrepreneurship Loan

Qualifications Of Getting CBN Nexit Entrepreneurship Loan


In today's latest Npower Nexit news, we will be talking about the Qualifications Of Getting a CBN Nexit Entrepreneurship Loan since you have asked the Npower discussion group to discuss the subject. So read on!

However, before we proceed note that the management of Nexit Scheme which is FG and CBN has the final say regarding how you get the loan.

Below might possibly be what can qualify you to get Nexit loan:

  1. You need to be an exited Npower beneficiary
  2. You are not tided to other CBN loan obligation
  3. Have a BVN Number
  4. Have registered your business with CAC (Optional)
  5. You have attended the Nexit training
  6. Have a business plan

The management of the Nexit programme has said that qualified Nexit applicants can get up to 3,000,000 CNB entrepreneurship loan. Read details here Qualify Nexit Applicants To Get N3M CBN Loan As FG Flagged Off Scheme

The selected first batch of the Npower Nexit Scheme is undergoing Training across the country right now. If you are not selected in the first batch, you will be in the subsequent batch.

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  1. Please My name is in the first batch but i missed the training and they refused to collect my Business Plan.
    Please do i have any chance of submitting my business plan if i join the second batch for training.
    Waiting for ur reply


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