What Caused Nigeria National Grid Collapses

What Caused Nigeria National Grid Collapses

A few days ago, the Ikeja Electric informed it's customers about What Caused Nigeria National Grid Collapses. According to them, the outage you are currently experiencing is due to the system collapse on the National grid which occured on the 15th March 2022 at 17:10hrs and this has affected the Transmission Stations within our network.


What is National Grid Collapse?

A National Grid Collapse could mean a total or partial loss of power on the network, usually caused by a fault significant enough to lead to high frequency. It is said that weather conditions can also affect the distribution network causing grid instability.

However, in the case of Nigeria National Grid Collapse, it is said that the irregular power supply being experienced is a nationwide issue which according to GenCos is attributed to several factors including:

  1. Poor Gas Supply
  2. Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance.
  3. Fault in generating Units of generating companies. These have persisted and the total effect on the grid is persistent low generation.

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A power grid is a network of electrical transmission lines connecting a number of generating stations to loads over a wide area. It is designed to operate within certain limits, stability limits, in line with voltage, current, and frequency. So, whenever these limits are out of the stability range, the operation of the grid will become unstable and can then collapse.

A National Grid Collapse can lead to poor electricity supply which can in turn affect businesses negatively like what Nigerians are facing right now.

The authority has apologize for all inconveniences caused and said that they are working on the restoration of the grid.

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