Act Of Kindness - 15 Nice Ways To Make Someone Feel Special

Act Of Kindness - 15 Nice Ways To Make Someone Feel Special

In today's Npower discussion Group motivational tips, we will be sharing with you the Act Of Kindness - 15 Nice Ways To Make Someone Feel Special to further inspire your journey to a life of kindness that will put a smile on anyone's face. So let's get to the point:

What is Act of Kindness?

Act of kindness simple means to perform an act of contribution, help, kindness or share with someone something special that you know they need to put smile on their faces.

Below are 15 Nice Ways To Make Someone Feel Special:

1. DECIDE TO BE KIND: Kindness does not just happen; you have to consciously make efforts to be kind and act accordingly.

2. GIVE SOMEONE A COMPLIMENT: A genuine compliment can brighten someone's day and boost their self-confidence. Don't hold back on your compliments today.

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3. DO SOMEONE A FAVOUR: Go the extra mile for those around you. Help out without being asked, and give without expecting anything in return.

4. ASK SOMEONE "HOW ARE YOU?" AND MEAN IT: Ask someone how they are, and be patient enough to hear their response. Sit with them if they need a listening ear, and let them know that you truly care.

5. USE ANY OF THE MAGIC WORDS: PLEASE, THANK YOU, SORRY, EXCUSE ME, PARDON ME Magic has a dazzling effect. It heals, transforms, and mends. Use these words to uplift someone today.

6. DON’T BE A SAVAGE ONLINE: Words are like daggers; they have the capacity to harm and hurt others. Use your words wisely, and make the cyberworld a kinder place.

7. DONATE TO CHARITY: A gift to the helpless births a million smiles. Don’t forget to make a donation today.

8. SMILE AT A STRANGER: A smile, no matter how little, can make cloudy days disappear. Today, put some sunshine in someone's cloudy day.

9. HOLD A DOOR FOR SOMEONE: Holding a door for someone speaks a million words of kindness.

10. RECONNECT WITH AN OLD FRIEND: Chatting with friends and reminiscing on old times can bring happy smiles to happy faces! Call a friend today.

11. GIVE UP YOUR SEAT FOR SOMEONE IN NEED: Giving up your seat in a public transportation may be difficult, but some people may need it more than you do. In a bid to spread an act of random kindness, look out for people who may need your seat such as an elderly person, the physically challenged or a pregnant woman.

12. RESERVE JUDGEMENT AND CRITICISM: Sticks and stones might not break bones, but your words could hurt the heart. If it’s not helpful, or constructive please hold back.

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13. BE WELCOMING TO A NEW PERSON: If a new person joins your school, workplace, club, or fellowship, extend a warm hand of friendship to make them comfortable. Impressions are like mirrors, we get back whatever countenance we give out, go the extra mile to welcome a stranger with a gentle smile.

14. VOLUNTEER: We can make a difference to those around us by lending a helping hand. Nothing is too small or little, make sure you volunteer today.

15. REFER SOMEONE WHO IS QUALIFIED FOR A JOB: Always be quick to refer someone who is good at what they do to anyone who may need their services. Nothing brightens a person’s day more than when they are recognized for good work.

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