Apply for GITEX 2022 North Star Pitch Competition

Apply for GITEX 2022 North Star Pitch Competition

Apply for GITEX 2022 North Star Pitch Competition taking place in Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), UAE from 10th to 13th October 2022.

North Star & GITEX Global Coming to Africa. Its teams are travelling across Africa to discover the best startups of each African nation and spotlight the national winners in front of global investors, partners and media at North Star in Dubai from 10-13 October 2022.

Top 20 startups from Abuja and top 20 startups from Lagos will be shortlisted to pitch live in front of a jury on 11 May in Abuja and 12 May in Lagos.

How to apply;

Interested Applicants should visit this link

https://www.northstardubai.com/nigeria-roadshow-application-2022?elqTrackId=498953D955AF23C555BB43A4D119B000&elqTrack=true for more information and application.

Why North Star Dubai is Your Gateway To Next-Level Success

a. Largest, most exciting startup event across the Middle East, Africa & South Asia

b. Held in best startup destination, UAE - ranked #1 in Global Entrepreneurship Index ahead of USA, UK & Japan

c. Chance to meet 400+ big-ticket investors with billions under funds

d. Guaranteed pitch slot in Supernova Challenge, biggest startup pitch with USD 200,000 cash rewards

e) Network with 100,000 influential attendees, corporates & government leaders

f) Largest government presence of any tech event, 200+ entities looking to partner with startups

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