How To Apply For ICYF Ramadan Contest 2022

How To Apply For ICYF Ramadan Contest 2022

In today's Ramadan News, we will be discussing How To Apply For ICYF Ramadan Contest 2022 called by the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF), an international organization affiliated with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). So read on!

The 2022 edition of the ICYF Ramadan contest provides a platform for the youth to capture their Ramadan and Share it with the world, highlighting how they are using the holy month of Ramadan to do good and restore faith in humanity serving their communities.

We are calling upon the Muslim youth to share their Ramadan with us in picture and/or video format in line with this year’s theme, “Ramadan as a Month for Self-Reflection and Instilling Good Values.” Our motive is to encourage the Muslim youth to do good and practice good deeds by serving their communities as exemplary young leaders and active members of their communities.

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Technical Requirements For Submission

Short Film Requirements:

a. Duration: Maximum 3 minutes.

b. Acceptable Video Formats: MP4, H264 formats.

c Video Resolution: 1920x1080 in horizontal

d. Codecs: Do not use special codecs in order to provide as much portability across platforms as possible.

e. Audio is optional, but lack of audio should have minimal impact on the comprehension of the video.

f. Structure: The video must include at the beginning a video cover with the title, authors and affiliation and the credits at the end.

g. The video should not have any commercial pitch and the authors of each video must have clear copyright of the audio and visual content.

Photo Requirements:

a. Photos must be submitted in high resolution JPEG and should not exceed 50MB per entry.

b. Photos must be original (no edits, no photoshopped entries, no logo added, etc.).

c. Ensure that the photo is in compliance with all the legal and copyright requirements. The photo must be an original creation — no copyrighted images may be used.


A jury who will select winners will judge the entries submitted by the applicants. The jury's decisions are final and binding in all respects and not subject to appeal. Submitted entries will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

i. Message e Originality and creativity of expression

ii. Quality of execution


1) The best submission of each category will be awarded with 500 USD cash prize.

2) The second-best submission of each category will be awarded with 250 USD jury special prize.

The Jury will evaluate and select the best submissions.

Application Deadline: 25th April 2022

How to apply:

Interested Applicants should register via this link

For more information regarding this context, go to the Ramadan Contest website

Note: Only winners will be informed.

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