What To Know About Npower Agro Cancellation Rumor

What To Know About Npower Agro Cancellation Rumor

In today's latest Npower news, we will be discussing what To Know About Npower Agro Cancellation Rumor that is circulating online. So keep reading!

The Npower discussion group noticed during the weekend that a lot of Npower Agro beneficiaries were panicking because of a piece of information shared online stating that the State Focal Person posting Npower Beneficiaries to N-agro when they know N-agro is canceled is another stress. The source of the information went further to call on the attention of @npower_ng saying that Beneficiaries should not suffer for the mistakes of others.

In the first place, saying that the N-Agro program has been canceled is not correct information and should not be taken seriously because there was no single time that Npower management mentioned that they are canceling Npower Agro.

Npower Agro is one of the programs of Npower that can actually create jobs if well managed. So we see no reason why it will be canceled. Please ignore any update that state that N-Agro is canceled until Npower says otherwise.

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We have seen a lot of Npower batch C stream 2 beneficiaries being deployed under the Npower Agro program and they have successfully completed their deployment exercise and have resumed duty.

Though before the commencement of the Npower batch C program, the management tried to move the Npower Agro program to the non-graduate category. However, that arrangements did not work and so Npower Agro was left under the Npower graduate category with a monthly stipends payment of N30,000.

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