Today's Latest Npower News For Tuesday 29th November 2022

Today's Latest Npower News For Tuesday 29th November 2022

In Today's Latest Npower News For Tuesday 29th November 2022, we will be discussing important subjects that matters the most to the FG Npower Programme beneficiaries. So keep reading!

The current Administration of the Muhammadu Buhari lead Government with no doubt has impacted more than a million of young vibrant Nigerian youths through the Npower Programme since the inception in 2016.

However, the question that most Beneficiaries of the Npower Programme are asking is whether the programme will continue beyond the President Buhari Administration.

The good news is that the initiators of the Npower Programme are aware of the beneficiaries worries in regards to the program continuity and so they have been working hard to institutionalized the Npower and other NSIP programme. Read details here Federal Executive Council Approved NSIP Bill

What this means is that if the NSIP programme is institutionalized, it will not be scrapped by a new administration and all the programs under the NSIP will continue beyond the Buhari administration.

Furthermore, for exited Npower batches A and B Beneficiaries asking for update to know what has become of the Nexit programme now that a new path was introduced for the Exited batch C called work Nation. All we have to say at the moment is to be patient.

Npower management will give an update about the Nexit Scheme and Npower work Nation at the appropriate time. So be patient and stay tuned!

As regards to Npower batch C stream 2 stipends payment like we earlier advised, there is no clue on when payment will begin. But all we can tell you at the moment is to keep your eyes on the payroll tab for changes, once the payroll payment update comes live on the selfservice dashboard then you will know that it is time.

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  1. If there's no money to pay batch c stream2,pls let us know instead of one story to the other.

  2. Not all Npower batch c strime 1 has collected there stipend we that out payroll has been Processing for a month now and the money has not been seen are we not going received our payment, and Npower is not talking about this . This is bad

  3. Pls when npower batch c stream 2 Will receive their stipend our eyes are on the way all this while


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