BBTitans First Saturday After Party - 5 Surprising Things To Know

BBTitans First Saturday After Party - 5 Surprising Things To Know

In today's Latest BBTitans News, we are talking about the BBTitans First Saturday Party and the 5 Surprising Things To Know! BBTitans Juicy gist.

As you all know, the first Saturday party of BBTitans the first tv reality show between South Africa and Nigeria happened last night the 21st of January 2023 with satisfactory entertainment, though the DJ at the party was not that impressive the house still management to entertain the viewers.

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The BBTitans show which started on the 15th of January 2023 had both Nigeria and South African viewers confessing how interesting and entertaining it was watching the show.

It begins with relationships building up in the house and then the Saturday night party was also a game changer for some of the housemates who we think are re-strategizing their game plan.

Here are 5 Surprising Things To Know about the BBTitans First Saturday Party:

1. Lukay and Ipeleng had what seems to be a romantic affair under the duvet after the party last night. Whatever that might be, we know as time goes on.

2. Knowing that her friend Yvonne had strong feelings for Juicy Jay, Jenny O is trying so hard to get in between as both of them were seen flirting with each other last night.

3. Yemi and Khosi's relationship is in a coma as Yemi moved to blue eve after the party.

4. Olivia in what might seem to be an alcohol influence, makes a move at thabang after the party. A gesture that was smoothly turned down by thabang

5. Mmeli and Sandra had a lovely time together last night at the Saturday pater and after. It seems like a romantic relationship between them.

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Nonetheless, we hope that Ebuka and Lorence will throw some questions for the housemates to answer at the live show today.

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