Npower Batch C2 Account Validation Closing Date

Npower Batch C2 Account Validation Closing Date

In today's Latest Npower News, Npower said the deadline for the ongoing Account Validation for the Batch C2 beneficiaries is the 31st of March 2023.

In line with the deadline stated above, it is very important for the Npower batch C2 beneficiaries who are yet to validate their account details to do so to enable them to claim the payment of their stipends.

Failure to validate the account could prolong stipends payment for a beneficiary. Pls, endeavor to complete the validation process before the closing date.

The Npower validation link was currently sent out in a message with instructions to batch C2 Beneficiaries with invalid accounts on their payroll to enable them to get their account revalidated and possibly paid.

Npower also said while they are making sure that they pay all Npower beneficiaries, they have also warned beneficiaries Npower To Place PPA Absentees On Payment Hold For 45 Days

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  1. Sir, what about those of us who are currently in varsities and have not been able to come and work PPA's, despite receiving stipends and not yet ceased.

  2. Please kindly provide a working validation link, cause I've tried so many times, but it will get to a point, and then stops


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