Npower 2023 January, February And March Stipends Payment News

Npower 2023 January, February, And March Stipends Payment News

In today's Latest Npower News, we will be discussing Npower 2023 January, February, And March Stipends Payment News. So keep reading!

We noticed that the Npower batch C2 beneficiaries are beginning to ask questions regarding when the January, February, And March Stipends will be Paid. So we decide to create the post to update you on the latest.

According to Npower, more payment is on the way for the Npower batch C2 beneficiaries. So Npower batch C2 beneficiaries should rest assured that their January, February, And March Stipends will be paid soon. For Now, Npower is working on the issues of beneficiaries with invalid account details who are currently undergoing account validation to get their October, November, and December 2022 stipends payments. Read details here When To Receive Stipends After Npower Account Validation

The most important thing for any Npower beneficiaries right now is to avoid any situation that will make Npower put their stipends on hold. How can you avoid that? You must not be found absconding from your place of primary assignment PPA. Find out more here Npower To Place PPA Absentees On Payment Hold For 45 Days

While the Npower program is initiated to help beneficiaries gain work experience to become employable, it is understandable that beneficiaries can search and apply for other jobs without letting their job search affect their Npower PPA duties.

It is recommended to exit the Npower program if eventually, you secured a better job while serving as a beneficiary.

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  1. We are grateful for your effort towards the C2 beneficiaries, God bless you

  2. We're still awaiting our stipends for September, October and November, they keep giving us backlogs it's almost 2months now and no positive improvement

  3. Please ma, will there be npower batch C3. Because most people w hi o apply are yet to become beneficiary

  4. Thank you so much Ma. Am grtful


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