The Significant Of Igalas In Kogi Governorship Elections

The Significant Of Igalas In Kogi Governorship Elections

In today's Latest political news, we will be discussing Kogi Governorship Election 2023 and Why Igala people Are Important in the upcoming November 11th, 2023 election. So keep reading

Note that Every other tribe in Kogi State are all important, but this article is mainly focusing on the Igala tribe in Kogi State.

Throughout this week, the tribe "IGALA" has been trending on Twitter because they lost the Gubernatorial candidacy sit of the two major parties PDP and APC to the other minority tribe in Kogi State. A situation that is gaining lots of discussions.

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Although, some advised that if the Labour Party gives its Governorship candidacy ticket to a strong Igala man, the upcoming Governorship Election in Kogi State in November will be a workover for the LP party.

Dino Melaye who is from Kogi West wins the Kogi PDP governorship primary, and Yahaya Bello’s Ally, Usman Ododo from Kogi Central Emerges as Kogi APC Gov Candidate while a legal practitioner, Barrister Adejo Okeme, from Kogi East won the Kogi State Labour Party governorship ticket.

The Igala people are an important ethnic group in Kogi State, Nigeria. Here are some reasons why:

1. Political Influence: The Igala people make up the majority of the population in Kogi East Senatorial District, which is one of the three senatorial districts in Kogi State. This means that they have a significant political influence in the state.

2. Economic Contributions: The Igala people are involved in various economic activities such as farming, fishing, and trading. They also have a rich cultural heritage, which attracts tourists to the state, thereby contributing to the economy of the state.

3. Educational Advancement: The Igala people have a high literacy rate and are known for their love for education. They have produced many notable scholars, professionals, and leaders in Nigeria and beyond.

4. Cultural Significance: The Igala people have a rich cultural heritage, with unique traditional practices and festivals such as the Ibegwu festival, which is a celebration of the new yam harvest. They are also known for their traditional music and dance.

5. Unity: The Igala people are known for their strong sense of unity and community. This has helped to promote peace and development in Kogi State.

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In summary, the Igala people are important in Kogi State because of their political influence, economic contributions, educational advancement, cultural significance, and a strong sense of unity.

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