CDCFIB CBT Test - 40 Exam General Q And A For NSCDC And NIS Job

CDCFIB CBT Test - 40 Exam General Q And A For NSCDC And NIS Job

It is no longer news that the Civil Defense Correctional Fire and Immigration Services Board CDCFIB has scheduled its 2023 recruitment online assessment CBT Test for shortlisted candidates to be conducted on the 18th of May 2023.

In line with that, we have decided to compile 40 General assessment test questions and answers about the NSCDC and NIS for you to prepare for the upcoming CBT test beforehand.

The questions and answers for each service as regards this content comprises 20 questions. check it out below:

For NSCDC Test questions and answers, check here Nigeria Security And Civil Defense Corps Exams Pass Questions And Answer

To check the Nigerian Immigration Service NIS Test Questions And Answers, open here 20 NIS Aptitude Test General Questions And Answers

It is better to prepare for an assignment Aptitude Test hand, doing so will serve as an advantage to do better in the test.

It is also better to read assessment test instructions on the day of the test to better understand the test requirements before taking the test. Doing so will prevent you from making mistakes.

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