Today's Latest Npower News For Friday 5th May 2023

Today's Latest Npower News For Friday 5th May 2023

In today's Latest Npower News For Friday 5th May 2023, the Npower management Nasims has confirmed the commencement of backlog payment to the Npower beneficiaries who had successfully validated their account details. Read details here Npower Resumed October, November, and December Backlog Payment

Recall that when Npower initiated and paid batch C2 stipends for October, November, and December, some of the Beneficiaries' payments failed due to the reason that their account details were not captured.

So Npower management decided to launch a validation portal https://validation.nasims.ng for Npower Beneficiaries affected to validate their account details to claim their stipends and continue to get paid.

However, we noticed that while the backlog payment is being made, some of the Beneficiaries are beginning to ask for the payment of their January, February, and March Stipends. Please kindly note that Npower management will initiate and pay your stipends when due.

As for the Npower batch C1 beneficiaries asking for a December stipends payment. Recall that Npower management has earlier stated that your program ends in August 2022, every other stipend paid was a bonus.

Finally, it is unfortunate that a lot of exited Npower beneficiaries are still hoping for their Nexit package without any concrete update from the Npower management on whether payment will be made.

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So for those of you asking for a Nexit program update, no new information has been released regarding that yet. Until then, please get yourself engaged with other positive things.

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  1. Npower officials.. You are not being fair and truthful. You started payment of backlogs for C2 on 2nd of May for fewer people. Majority of the beneficiaries who successfully validated there account details are yet to be paid there Oct, Nov and Dec stipends. What happened to the users of UBA and Keystone banks who haven't seen there stipends? This your administration is not the best. What is the essence of validation without payment.. More than 50% of those who validated there account has not been paid. Every body is just trying to better their lot!

  2. You didn't say anything about the C1 that didn't received their September October and November stipend as you said it is bonus, and we did account validation but upto now we didn't receive any alert

    1. C1 but didn't see my September October and November stipend as you said it a bonus is it for some an some will not get?

  3. What about those that are yet to see January, February etc months


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