Today's Latest Npower News For Saturday 29th July 2023

Today's Latest Npower News For Saturday 29th July 2023

In today's Latest Npower News For Saturday 29th July 2023, the existing Npower Beneficiaries are Lamenting Over Changes In Nasims Profile Status due to the ongoing Nasims portal updates.

A few days ago, Npower share an update in regards to the update they are carrying out in the Nasims portal. Due to the update, some important information about the existing beneficiaries was changed.

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Beneficiaries whose profile shows beneficiaries and have received 3 months stipends are now complaining that the status has been changed to applicants and they are not happy about that.

Npower management has however instructed beneficiaries to hold on while the update is still going on and not to edit or upload any information at the moment.

In view of that, beneficiaries have asked the management of Npower to fix the issue with the Nasims portal and restore the existing beneficiaries' information the way it was before as the update of the portal is taking too long.

Payment of the backlog of 2022 is still on and those who were asking to validate their account are being paid slowly.

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For Npower beneficiaries who can't login to the Nasims self-service portal, please use your Email Address instead of your Npower ID Number and then password.

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  1. What about August backlog stream 1 batche C


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