How To Register And Submit Applications On CBN PVS Portal

How To Register And Submit Applications On CBN PVS Portal

As instructed by the Central Bank Of Nigeria that as from August 31st, 2023, all applications for Form M must include a valid price verification report generated from the price verification portal inline with the CBN drive to ensure transparency and accuracy in trade transactions.

We have decided to create this post to show you How To Register And Submit Applications On CBN Price Verification System PVS Portal. Below is the guide to register and submit applications on the Price Verification System.

1. Visit https://pvs.cbn.gov.ng

2. Click "Are you a Supplier or Importer? Get Started.

3. Register by searching for your Tax Identification Number (TIN).

4. Review the TIN-generated details.

5. Fill in the required fields and submit.

After successful registration, generate your Price Verification Report in the following steps:

a. Log in to the Price Verification

b. Log in to the Price Verification Portal.

c. Select "Create Form" under Form M.

d. Click "Proceed" on the reference number pop-up.

e. Complete all mandatory fields and select "Save" to proceed.

f. Input item details or use the bulk upload feature.

g. Complete "Summary Details.

h. Select "Save and Proceed" to submit.

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i. Access your Form in "View Forms" and download the XML for your Price Verification Report.

j. Proceed to the Form M portal, fill out your Form M, and submit.

Your application will be sent to the Bank for validation and approval.

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