Tinubu Govt - FG Jobs Creation Opportunities To Lookout For

Tinubu Govt - FG Jobs Creation Opportunities To Lookout For

In today's Latest Npower discussion group blog update, we will be discussing some of the FG Jobs Creation Opportunities To Lookout for in Tinubu's Govt. under the renewed Hope Initiative. So let get straight to the point!

What is Renewed Hope Initiative? The Renewed Hope Initiative is in line with the Renewed Hope agenda of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to create million of jobs through digital economy.

Some of the programmes under this initiative has already been launched, and application is open for interested applicants to apply.

Below are Renewed Hope Initiative Jobs Creation Opportunities To Apply for:

1. FG 3MTT - The programme is a critical part of the Renewed Hope Agenda, aimed at building Nigeria's technical talent backbone to power our digital economy and position Nigeria as a net talent exporter. See application details here Apply - FG 3 Million Technical Talent Programme 3MTT

2. Digital Skillnovation - It's a partnership between Wema Bank and the Federal Government of Nigeria, through the Office of the Vice President, aims to equip our young minds with a versatile set of skills and opportunities tailored to their individual aspirations and market realities. See application details here Link To Apply For FGN ALAT Digital Skillnovation Program For MSME

3. NAIRS - Is an initiative aims to foster a vibrant and sustainable Al ecosystem in Nigeria by providing financial support, facilitating knowledge sharing and collaboration among individuals and organisations in the Al industry. See application details here Apply - NAIRS N5,000,000 Grant Opportunity For Nigerians

4. NATEP - This new initiative seeks to position Nigeria as an export hub for talent outsourcing in Africa following the example of India, Bangladesh, Mexico and The Philippines. See details here FG Launched NATEP Youth Employment Programme

5. Renewed Hope Skill Acquisition Programme formerly known as N-Power programme. See details here N-Power To Recruit 5 Million Youths Under Skill Up Nigeria Renew Hope

6. Investment in Digital and Creative Enterprises Program (i-DICE) - The aim is to build capacity and upskill Nigerian youth in technology and creativity to increase employability, foster innovation in Tech Ecosystem. The I-DICE program is scheduled to begin by November 2023.

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