3MTT Program Assessment Test Questions

3MTT Program Assessment Test Questions

According to 3MTT management, For a 3MTT program applicant to stand a chance of being selected, he/she must complete the account verification, program verification, and complete the questionnaire section to finish your profile update. Once done, you'll be ready for your learning adventure

In view of the above, we have decided to compile some likely-asked questions in the 3MTT questionnaire section.

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Below are some of the questions you should expect to answer:

1. What is the Sum of 100 and 200

2. The tallest mountain in the world is?

3. The longest river in the world is?

4. What is the capital of Italy

5. What is the name of Nigeria's national Artem

6. When did Nigeria become a republic?

7. What is 5 percent of 200?

8. What do you get when you subtract 50 from 170?

9. What do you get when you multiply 20 by 40?

10. How many geo-political Zones do we have in Nigeria?

11. Who is the current president of Nigeria?

12. What is the capital of France?

13. Which continent does Nigeria belong to?

Expect to see simple arithmetic, current affairs, and General knowledge questions just like the ones above.

You will also be asked questions about the available time you have to dedicate to the training.

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The management of the 3 Million Technical Talent Programme 3MTT stated that the first batch of 30,000 fellows for phase one will be informed by November 15, 2023. For applicants who are not selected into this 1st training phase, your application will be in queue for the next batch and you will also be a part of our learning community where we will be providing learning support and additional resources to you.

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  2. Please I have been trying to take my questionnaire a d I has been showing me questionnaire error. Please what do I do about it.?


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