Link To Login To 3MTT Training Portal To Complete Your Profile

Link To Login To 3MTT Portal To Complete Your Profile

In today's Latest 3MTT Program news, we will be updating you on the Link To log into the 3MTT Portal To Complete Your Profile. So let's get straight to the point!

Recall that the management of 3MTT has stated that 30,000 applicants will be selected for the first phase of the program and for an Applicant to stand a chance to be selected, he or she will have to complete his/her profile. Read details here 3MTT Program - How To Be Shortlisted Among 30000 1st Phase

Note that this is for applicants who have verified their account email and created a password via the link sent to them. If you have not yet done so, read the update in the post link above to do so.

How to log into the 3MTT training portal:

a. Go to https://app.3mtt.training/login

b. Use your registered email and the password you created during the account verification to login.

How to complete your profile:

For those of you who have not completed your profile after your account verification, upon successful login, scroll down and complete the section in red which states:

a. Confirm your skill and Technical level

b. Take our questionnaire.

You can check some of the likely asked questions here 3MTT Program Assessment Test Questions

If you complete These steps, then you are good to go.

How To Know if your profile is completed:

Upon completion of the step above, your profile status will change to complete with two green Ticks in front of a and b above.

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  1. Please, how can edit after submission?

  2. Please how can I login into the portal and update my data. After I have completed my registration since

  3. How can I create password to login ?

  4. Plz I find it difficult to access the dashboard to check if I am enlisted and no email was sent as promised.

  5. how can i get access to the portal

  6. I have been shortlisted, and I'm supposed to update my profile but can't remember my I.D. please how can I retrieve my I.D? Thanks

    1. Same here hw can I Kno my ID

    2. Did you get a response yet ? I have the same issue and I can’t login I tried changing my password but it’s saying error.

  7. Please how can I recover my fellow ID back if forgotten. Please it's very urgent

  8. Pls how do I access my dash board I need help

    1. Pls how do I access my dashboard

  9. Please I have been trying to complete my profile in questionnaire section in my dashboard but is showing me error, what can I do


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