3MTT Releases Link For Selected Fellows To Confirm Their Names

3MTT Releases Link For Selected Fellows To Confirm Their Names

The management of 3MTT Program have Released a Link For Selected Fellows To Check Their Names. According to management, we want to make sure that everyone who has applied for the 3MTT programme can check if they are part of the first cohort.

Fellows are asked to please visit this link https://app.3mtt.training/selected/fellows and search for there name to know the next step on their 3MTT learning journey.

Note that the Selected Fellows For Cohirt 1 represents the 1% of the overall target, inline with the Ministry's 1%-10%-100% implementation approach.

Once you find your name on the list, login to your 3MTT portal.

Guidelines For selected fellows:

Some information to note as you navigate the 3MTT webpage of selected fellows:

1. For data privacy reasons, only initials were provided for firstname. Kindly search the list with your last name for optimal results.

2. If you can't find your name on the list, kindly login to see your status on your dashboard.

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3. If you received a selection email and cannot find your name or your status is not updated to “Selected” on your dashboard, please send an email to [email protected]

4. Courses in each state are based on the selected training providers for this phase. Hence, not all states have fellows for all courses.

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