Advisory On N-Power RHJCP Recruitment 2023 News

Advisory On N-Power RHJCP Recruitment 2023 News

In today's Latest Npower News, we will be sharing an Advisory On N-Power RHJCP Recruitment 2023 News circulating online. So keep reading!

There is a lot of fake and misleading recruitment news regarding the renewed Hope job creation program RHJCP popularly known as the N-Power program circulating online. So we decided to create this post to keep you updated with the latest.

The Federal Government stated that they will be recruiting 5 Million youths, 1 million each year for 5 years into the renewed Hope job creation program RHJCP. However, the recruitment has not started yet. See details here N-Power To Recruit 5 Million Youths Under Skill Up Nigeria Renew Hope

In view of the above, prospective applicants are advised to beware of fake RHJCP recruitment links which might be deployed by scammers to extract Vital information from the general public.

The Npower program is undergoing restructuring at the moment and the program is under suspension. So there is no new recruitment going on at the moment.

As usual, the management of Npower RHJCP will communicate via their communication channels when they begin taking new applicants. Be Advised.

The current beneficiaries are still waiting to receive their 9 months unpaid outstanding stipends which was reported to commence this November 2023.

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  1. Please, what is the fate of some of the beneficiaries who hasn't gotten any payment?
    The post said 9 months to be pay this November meaning 3 months has been paid to some beneficiaries.
    Kindly use your good office to treat the issue fairly.
    Thanks, best regards.

  2. Please let them pay the previous ones who are being owed and also the independent monitors who are also being owed.

  3. May Almighty Allah keep protecting you people the pocket that you always bring money out will Never dry my name is hafsat Dauda from katsina funtua


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