Minister Discussed Ways Starlink Can Create Massive Jobs In Nigeria

Minister Discussed Ways Starlink Can Create Massive Jobs In Nigeria

The Minister of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy, Federal Republic of Nigeria Dr Bosun Tijani Discuss Ways Starlink Can Create Massive Jobs In Nigeria.

According to the Minister, he had an Excellent conversation with Ryan Goodnight, SNR. Director, Global Licensing & Activation of SpaceX on the sidelines of ITU-WRC 23, who shared that Nigeria is their biggest market in Africa.

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He said , as demand for Starlink continues to grow in Nigeria, we spoke about the issue of connecting unserved and underserved Nigerians.

HM Dr Bosun Tijani also mentioned the possibility of creating thousands of new jobs in Nigeria through initiatives like a certified installer/maintenance programme for Starlink and working with hardware startups to produce repeater boxes locally.

Starlink is an Internet provider company. They provide Internet from space for humans on Earth. Engineered by SpaceX company owned by Elon musk. Starlink is available on all 7 continents, in over 60 countries and many more markets, connecting 2M+ active customers and counting with high-speed internet!

The Honourable Minister stated that Our intention is to encourage every tech company to invest and deepen our tech ecosystem in Nigeria.

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HM Dr Bosun Tijani was in Dubai to attend the International Telecommunication Union-World Radio Communication Conference 2023 .The WRC is a key event organized by the ITU every few years to review radio regulations and the relevant global treaty that guides the use of radio frequency spectrum.

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