Links To Book NRC Train For Lagos,Ibadan,Kaduna,Abuja,Warri,Itakpe

Links To Book NRC Train For Lagos,Ibadan,Kaduna,Abuja,Warri,Itakpe

In our today's train transportation news, we will be updating you on the Links To Book For NRC online Train ticket for Lagos,Ibadan,Kaduna,Abuja,Warri, and Itakpe route.

The online ticket booking services from NRC is simple and automated for all trains in NRC network. You can select your train, the date of journey and book your journey.

Below is the the links to book for your NRC Train Service:

1. For Abuja Kaduna Train Service, book here https://nrc.tps.ng

2. For Lagos Ibadan train Service, book here https://nrc.gsds.ng/login

3. For Warri Itakpe Train Service https://nrc-fane.ng

The Nigerian Railway Corporation is 112 years old and it runs a unilaterally designed track system of 1067mm cape gauge. Only 30km of its track distribution is in double track and that is within Lagos area. Nigerian Railway System actually commenced rail business activities with the construction of the first rail Line from Lagos to Ibadan (193km) between 1898 and 1901. By 1964 when the construction of 640km kano - Maiduguri rail line, then known as Bornu extension, was completed, the present core of the railway network had been put in place.

You can check out the NRC Train schedules here https://nrc.gov.ng/schedules

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