N-Power Outstanding Payment News For November 2023

N-Power Outstanding Payment News For November 2023

In today's Latest Npower News, we will be discussing N-Power Outstanding Payment - What To Do While Waiting for your 9-month backlog payment. So keep reading!

We noticed that some of the Npower beneficiaries have been asking to know the reason why it is taking so long to clear the 9-month beneficiaries' stipends after the fund meant for the payment was recovered. So we created this post to keep you updated.

Earlier before the fund was recovered, Npower management made it clear to the public that the Npower program was suspended and that they were investigating issues surrounding the Npower program.

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The Npower management has also stated that the 9-month stipends owed to Beneficiaries will be paid soon after the investigation is completed.

This payment as earlier reported to commence by November 2023 has no specific payment date according to Npower. Payment will begin when the investigation is completed.

As usual, some of you may still be wondering what are the management still investigating after they have recovered the money from the consultant. So we decided to create this post to update on that!

In view of the above, we will advise the Npower volunteers to remain calm and engage themselves in meaningful activities that will keep them productive pending when they receive the payment.

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  1. Nice to heard good news but please let us see alert urgent the Nigeria condition is something like moving slowly slowly

  2. Please let's be fast about it,,,,,before person go die of hunger

  3. Is better for now to pay


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